Glimpse from History of Bharatpur
Maharaja Kishan Singh of Bharatpur in Delhi 1931
Audience Hall in the Palace, Deeg
Big Gun in Deeg Fort
Darbar Room with Kothi Khas, Bharatpur
Entry of Bharatpur Maharaj in Lohagarh Fort 1898
Entry of Bharatpur Maharaja in Lohagarh Fort 1898
General View of Bharatpure, Rajasthan 1865
H.H. The Maharaja of Bharatpur In April l926
Le prince de Galles a Bharatpur
Maharaja Kisan Singh of Bharatpur with his Tutor
Maharajs of Bharatpur Rolls Royce Silver Ghost pulling trailer (invented the motor home)
Ramji Darwaza or South Entrance fo Lohagarh Fort 1898
The Maharaja Palace (Mahal Khas) from South-West 1902
The Maharaja Palace (Mahal Khas) from North-East 1902
The Maharaja Palace (Mahal Khas) from South-East 1902
Bharatpur Bentley, Farman, RR Silver Wraith