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About Mahal Khas Place

Royalty and beauty goes hand in hand and Khas Palace Palace of Bharatpur stands tall with pride supporting this well known saying. Being known for as the paramount Accommodation in Bharatpur, this impeccable palace is perfect amalgamation of Mughal Architecture and Rich lavish style of living of Rajput rulers of yester years. A glance at this majestic hotel takes your memory lane back to the golden days of the yore.

To get divine experience of palatial havelis, luxurious life, Majestic forts – Khas Palace Palace is best tourists point. Your stay will make you feel like a king which you ought to cherish till eternity. Khas Palace palace is epitome of Rajasthani traditions and luxurious lifestyles. The impeccable Mughal architect beautifully supplicates up the art and culture of Rajasthan. The visitors are mesmerised with the beauty and elegance of the interiors of this ace Hotel in Bharatpur which is painted with handicrafts, Marble flooring, elegant stone carvings, antique furniture, beautiful carvings, eye catchy domes, impeccable sculptures etc.

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Bharatpur – The “Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan”, and Lohagarh Fort were built by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 A.D. The Lohagarh Fort, true to its name stood solidly in the face of many British attacks, frosted them to ends. It faced the British onslaught four times and after a long siege they had to withdraw. It very different from the other forts in the state, there is no flamboyance associated to fort but it generates an aura of strength and magnificence. The fort is surrounded with moat which was previously filled with water to ward off the enemy attacks.

The main entrance of this grand fort is the “Ashtadhatu Gate”. Ashtadhatu means eight metals. This north facing imposing gateway with huge rounded bastions and paintings of war elephants carry a unique history. Originally it belonged to the Chittorgarh which was taken to Delhi by Alauddin Khilji. The victorious Jatstore it down from the walls of imperial Delhi during their attack in 1764 and brought it back with them to Bharatpur .

Bharatpur was once an impregnable and well fortified city, carved out of the region formerly known as Mewat. The place was named as Bharatpur after the name of Bharat, The brother of Lord Rama.

The interesting aspect of the Bharatpur history is the domination of Jats in the region since 17th century. SurajMal was the greatest ruler who made a formidable force and played a very important role in the Indian history during 18th century. Maharaja Suraj Mal used all his power and wealth to a good cause, and built numerous forts and palaces in and across his kingdom. In 1753 he sacked Delhi, and in the following years successfully repelled the combined attack of the imperial forces aided by Holkar and Jaipur, and later on signally defeated Holkar at Kumher.

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The world’s most famous car brand Rolls-Royce is also associated with Bharatpur. A famous buyer of this car was the Maharaja of Bharatpur. He always bought Four automobiles at a time. One day during his visit to London, Maharaja Kishan Singh was walking in casual dress on Bond Street. He saw a Rolls Royce showroom and went inside to inquire about the price and features of their cars.

The showroom salesmen thought he was a poor Indian. They insulted him and showed him the way out. After this insult, Maharaja Kishan Singh came back to his hotel room and asked his servants to call the showroom that the Maharaja of Bharatpur was interested in purchasing a few cars. After a few hours, the Maharaja reached the Rolls Royce showroom again but in full royal regalia wearing his royal costume. The showroom had a red carpet on the floor to welcome the Maharaja and all the salesmen bowed before him with respect. The Maharaja purchased all the Six cars that they had at the showroom at that time and paid the full amount with delivery costs.


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