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Royalty and beauty goes hand in hand and Mahalkhas Palace of Bharatpur stands tall with pride supporting this well known saying. Being known for as the paramount Accommodation in Bharatpur, this impeccable palace is perfect amalgamation of Mughal Architecture and Rich lavish style of living of Rajput rulers of yester years. A glance at this majestic hotel takes your memory lane back to the golden days of the yore.

To get divine experience of palatial havelis, luxurious life, Majestic fortsMahalkhas Palace is best tourists point. Your stay will make you feel like a king which you ought to cherish till eternity. Mahalkhas palace is epitome of Rajasthani traditions and luxurious lifestyles. The impeccable Mughal architect beautifully supplicates up the art and culture of Rajasthan. The visitors are mesmerised with the beauty and elegance of the interiors of this ace Hotel in Bharatpur which is painted with handicrafts, Marble flooring, elegant stone carvings, antique furniture, beautiful carvings, eye catchy domes, impeccable sculptures etc.

The embellishments of this hotel bowls every tourists as one get to experience rich Rajasthani traditions, customs, handicrafts, folk music, culinary art, apparels etc. that depict heirloom of Rajasthani culture and heritage. The beautiful huge court yard inside the hotel is best place for relaxing your tired nerves with splendid flora and fauna of Nature spread all around.

This ace Hotel in Bharatpur has lush blanket of greenery all around making the atmosphere pollution free and pleasant. Sojourn in this top class Hotels in Bharatpur will casts a magical spell on all the visitors with beautiful decorations and architecture. The royal ornate pierced stone windows called Jharokas will bowl you down with their beauty and simplicity.

The Best Hotel in Bharatpur has large sized and cosy rooms, modern amenities like centralized air condition, sauna bath tub, Jacuzzi, satellite television, Wi-Fi internet all elevate your holiday mood and make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

Mahalkhas Palace
is known for its warm, friendly hospitality and rich grandeur. Every visitor gets lavish and posh treatment which remains in their mind till eternity. Such gestures ignite the feeling of visiting this place again and again.

This ace Hotels in Bharatpur with all the amenities inculcates the feeling of cultural vigour of Rajasthan in the minds of the guests. In fact Mahalkhas Palace is the alluring blend of Rajput traditions and Mughal art work.

Rajasthani cuisines are world famous for their lip smacking tastes and Mahalkhas Palace serves yummy Rajasthani delicacies with pride and in a very warm and royal manner. This Heritage Hotel in Bharatpur has in its platter all the world famous cuisines that are wholesome and hygiene. All the food that are served will tickle your taste buds and give you divine pleasure.

Management of Mahalkhas Palace is very caring and they see to it that the guests enjoy their stay without any difficulty. They very readily arrange for your trip to famous sightseeing places viz. Bird sanctuary, forts etc as per your convenience.

Mahalkhas Palace
is the vintage Hotels in Bharatpur and is perfect amalgamation of age old attributes and modern facilities welcoming its guests with pride of royalty and warm attitude.

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